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Carys Jewelry - Intro & BTS (no, not the boy band)

Hey Beautiful,

Welcome to our blog page!

This is a very casual and personal platform for Carys Jewelry to interact with you all. Being professional all the time is just tiring so we like to just kick back and relax on our blog page while letting you in on some of Carys' projects, knowledge, and some Look-books.


Carys Jewelry is now going through some changes and improvements so you'll see a lot of new contents coming up!

We also recently had a photoshoot! It took us a whole month of planning, outreach and organizing but we made it! We collaborated with a long time friend, Jen for our photo-shoot (@rlsmodelsphotography) and the results were stunning.

Look at what she did!


: @kristen_aragona

(Next week's blog post will be about the behind-the-scenes at the studio - stay tuned)

We are very excited at Carys and we hope you are too. New jewelry pieces are dropping without notice and sales are always available. Make sure to follow us on IG @carysjewelry for up-to-date sales info and subscribe to our newsletter.


Carys J.

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