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Born into a family of fine jewelers , Carys uses her inspirations from her family's manufacturing company RNP Jewelry.   RNP designs located in Hong Kong . 

Who is RNP Jewelry :

RNP Jewelry-a global leading and merchandising jewelry supplier, that has longstanding relationship with major international jewelry retailed chains and wholesalers.  They are proud of their expansion and diversification into Europe, Russia, Australia and China in addition to our North America market over these years.Their commitment is to make remarkable designs and craftsmanship speak for their successes, and hoping for more support and exposures of reaching to your appreciation. 

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility business partner in Panyu, China consisted of approx. 300 workers allows full production control from start to finish. Their manufacturing and delivery processes set quality standards for our customers and in turn set the benchmark for the industry.  

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